Friday, February 24, 2006

Kings of their castles

Making your way in the world today, it has been said, takes everything you've got. And working for the man will take whatever's left over. But working for yourself isn't any easier, and so I salute these acquaintances for doing it day in and day out, sometimes on the side but mainly full time:
May these links boost your Google site rankings and keep the wheels of commerce headed out on your highways.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Ladies of Song from A to Z

I know a man who once tried to record an album solely of songs about specific women. He got far, but a few letters/ladies eluded him. Below I offer his playlist and ask you, the blogosphere, to fill in the blanks or offer alternate tracks.

Ground rule: the name must be in the title, they needn't be love songs, but wherever possible, the singer should be male.

A Allison Elvis Costello Angie
B Barbara Ann The Beach Boys Billie Jean
C Sweet Caroline Neil Diamond Cecila
D Donna The Misfits
E Come on Eileen Dexy's Midnight Runners Eleanor Rigby
F Fran

G Gloria The Doors

I Goodnight Irene Leadbelly
J Sweet Jane Lou Reed
Hey Jude
K Kate Ben Folds
L Layla Derek & the Dominos Lady Madonna
M Maybelline Chuck Berry Michelle, Maggie May

Nikita, Nancy Whiskey
O Ophelia The Band

P Polly Nirvana
Q Queen Jane Approximately
Bob Dylan

R Roxanne The Police Help Me Rhonda
S Sussudio Phil Collins
T (Tina's Got A) Big 'Ole Butt LL Cool J

V Victoria
W Windy The Association

Y Oh Yoko John Lennon
Z Legend of Zelda theme Nintendo

Cast your ballots in the comments below.

Update: two commenters have more than filled in the gaps.