Friday, April 11, 2014


In the 5 years since my last post, the Internet has only gotten bigger. So you could be forgiven for missing these new sites and businesses launched by friends of mine, but they are worthy of your time/clicks:

Personalized photo book from
Personalized photo book from
Personalized children's books are a dime a dozen. But personalized children's book with your child's picture in the story? Innovative, inspired, and, based on my son's reaction, a gift that your child will actually appreciate.

Rereading some of my old blog entries makes me realize how much I miss writing. I benefited from great teachers, and now the Winning Writing Academy is running a Cranford summer writing camp to inspire that same love in elementary school students.

A small piece of wire can make different beads come together into something beautiful. Just like how a bead party can bring your friends together in a fun night of jewelry making, conversation, and cocktails. Let the Queen Bead show you how.

Attention must be paid--check them all out.