Thursday, November 30, 2006

Shiny objects

I find a lot of things interesting. And thus I get easily distracted. Here is what's on my mind--or entertaining it ever so slightly:
  • 50 Greatest Commercials of the 80's: all gathered, complete with YouTube files, in one place. Hours of fun, :30 seconds at a time. (update: 50 more)
  • FlickrDown lets you download entire photo sets, or a photographer's entire oeuvre, on Flickr. Particularly useful for downloading hot high school reunion pics.
  • Ben Folds continues to r-o-c-k in the USA, most recently at a NYC gig that I was able to enjoy. My buddy Bob J. long ago summed up why Ben's music resonates better than I ever could.
  • Cover songs - better, faster, more!
  • Finally, my nephew knows what he likes:

    Bob Dylan & Ben

    I predict great things for him.