Thursday, October 09, 2014

Best Pro Wrestling Podcasts

Podcasts make my hour-long commute somewhat less soul crushing. And while I haven't regularly watched  wrestling in years, I really enjoy the burgeoning sub-genre of wrestling interview podcasts, many hosted by former or current wrestlers.

All provide a behind the scenes, insider perspective, and you learn a lot about how hard wrestlers work to make the shows realistic and entertaining. I've sampled many shows and would recommend:

Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard
The former Brother Love was one of Vince McMahon's right hand men behind the scenes, and he shares stories about what was really going on behind some of the most famous moments of the 80's and 90's wrestling scene. Very insightful and even entertaining show.

The Steve Austin Show
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin is a surprisingly natural interviewer and host, and he seems to be friends with every former and current wrestler. Dig into the archives for his talks with Ric Flair, Scott Hall, Paul Heyman, and more. Note: he actually has two shows. The second "The Steve Austin Show - Unleashed" has the same format but with more profanity.

Talk is Jericho
Chris Jericho still pops up in WWE from time to time, and on his twice-weekly show, he interviews former wrestlers and pop-culture personalities. 

The Ross Report
Jim "JR" Ross has worked in wrestling since the early-1970's as an announcer, most notably on RAW during the Attitude Era, and a backstage figure. My only critique is that he is considerably less caffeinated than during his live TV days, so some episodes drag, particularly his freeflowing pre-interview commentaries.

The Art of Wrestling with Colt Cabana
Hosted by longtime indie wrestler Colt Cabana, this was the first breakout wrestling podcast, and he's interviewed everyone from his close friend CM Punk to veterans like the Iron Sheik and Hillbilly Jim. Some of his guests are more obscure (and I'll admit to skipping those), but he's a good conversationalist.

WOOOOO! Nation with Ric Flair
Now defunct, but check out the archives for some great stories and varying levels of sobriety from Flair and his guests. His admittedly-inebriated episode with Kevin Sullivan stands out in my mind for its ribald stories.

Other Podcasts of Note:

MLW Radio
A mix of wrestling opinion and interview podcasts from Jim Cornette, Konnan, and other veterans.

WrestleCast - WWE and TNA wrestling interviews
No longer updated, but this UK-based show got some of the biggest stars, from Mick Foley to Ric Flair, to speak out of character and tell great stories. The archives are still available on iTunes.

Pro Wrestling Torch Podcast
The best insider newsletter also has a robust website and regularly-updated podcast featuring commentary and guest interviews with stars like Goldust and Scott Hall.

Booker T and Tazz also launched podcasts in recent months, also through

BTW, if you need a podcast app, it's hard to beat Overcast. The voice boost, smart speed, and 30-second skip features really improve the listening experience.

Turning Black Friday into Track Friday

What if some of the money spent on Black Friday went towards charity instead? What if people instead came together on local tracks in support of the causes they cared about? A good friend had that idea, and 2 years and $37,000+ raised later, "Track Friday" is taking off.

I designed their webpage and will participate again this fall. If you also like the idea, please consider liking their Facebook page or even joining the movement.

Friday, April 11, 2014


In the 5 years since my last post, the Internet has only gotten bigger. So you could be forgiven for missing these new sites and businesses launched by friends of mine, but they are worthy of your time/clicks:

Personalized photo book from
Personalized photo book from
Personalized children's books are a dime a dozen. But personalized children's book with your child's picture in the story? Innovative, inspired, and, based on my son's reaction, a gift that your child will actually appreciate.

Rereading some of my old blog entries makes me realize how much I miss writing. I benefited from great teachers, and now the Winning Writing Academy is running a Cranford summer writing camp to inspire that same love in elementary school students.

A small piece of wire can make different beads come together into something beautiful. Just like how a bead party can bring your friends together in a fun night of jewelry making, conversation, and cocktails. Let the Queen Bead show you how.

Attention must be paid--check them all out.