Wednesday, July 26, 2006

When marrying in Jersey...

Huppah Loompa ...vendors are going to milk you dry, dairy cow-style. Still, I highly recommend these companies not only for their below-average prices but for their above-average talent and pleasing demeanors:

Milan Photography - if you like the photojournalism approach, he's your man. Milan (his lack of last name adds to his aura) and his assistant took over 2,000 pictures, and he personally designs each album. No cookie cutter templates, and you get to use more than 100 pictures in the final book. He's the best-kept secret of the Jersey wedding business.

Villanovisions Video - Having seen plenty of slow-paced, dimly-lit wedding videos over time, I was anti-video. That is until I saw what Villano did at four of our friends' weddings. He gets the right shots and makes the right edits so that the final video entertains as it breezes by.

Inkspun - for calligraphy on envelopes or place cards, I dare you to find a better deal.

These vendors need no recommendation--all are firmly established as Jersey wedding money-making machines--but if you're going to splurge on something, then consider:

But the details are where the magic happens. We probably got more compliments on having beverage plate clips during our cocktail hour than for anything else.

So yes, you're going get milked, but by working with these people, you won't mind all that lactation.