Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My American Idol

Back in our Hoboken days, we were often serenaded by our building's parking garage attendant, who came from Egypt and spoke pieces of English when not belting a Top 40 tune. He was a charming guy, to the point where I often suspected he was hitting on my wife.

One evening he announced that he was trying out for American Idol, but we moved out long before we ever heard the outcome.

We, along with the rest of America, found out last night how well he'd fared. "Youka," we hardly knew 'ya. Here's hoping your singing stardom dream is merely deferred and that you find that woman to love from head to nipple.

P.S. Apparently Alaa Youakeem would sing for all of the garage's patrons, as this YouTube clip reveals:


mahmoud said...

hey am trying to reach alaa youakeem for an interview , can you tell me in which building he used to work?

Andrew said...

He worked in the Archstone Hoboken building's parking garage at 77 Park Ave.

mahmoud said...

thx man