Tuesday, July 26, 2005

"This is NOT awesome"

Finally, some recognition for the quiet brilliance of that Geico ad.

I too was fooled on first viewing. And I too just want to make an omelet.


Ian Savage said...

I too enjoy the Witty Geico commercials. The one that is a parody of Old Navy is really smart, and my favorite Caveman one is when they are being taken out to dinner by appearantly a lawyer for geico; One orders the duck with some kind of salsa, and the other says, "no thank you, I've lost my appetite." and then shoots this look at the lawyer that for me says, "you see what you did! you feel like an asshole now, don't you!"

It makes me laugh everytime

Bern said...

i think its mango salsa. I also love the budlite radio commercials, where they honor inventors. One is for the inventor of the "cut-off jean shorts"...its hilarious!

Bob Jingle said...

Nothing tops the Volkswagon commercial where every thing going on outside the car is to the beat of themusic playing. Why don't they replay that shit?

I also dig the cavemen and little house. "I just wnat to make an omelette!"

MostlyModest said...

The Geico ads aren't all winners--I think they could have done more with the pro wrestling premise--but the mango salsa ad is also genius.

Spokesman: "Geico is so easy, even a caveman can use it."
Caveman working as production assistant: "Hey man, that's not cool!"