Friday, August 12, 2005

Once you go wet

Kandoo, the new tool in the war against smelly kids, is in stores now. I wonder at what point in the marketing brainstorm process did Procter & Gamble say, "You know, how about using an ass-wiping frog as our logo?"

Are frogs renown for their pristine rectums? Did the focus groups really respond to a self-wiping frog rather than, say, a camel? And "Kandoo" - do kids need to be empowered for this?

I am a recent convert to wet wipes myself and have come to insist on them wherever possible. Yet I find them in few households. Do they have a stigma because they're used foremost on babies and old folks?

Instead of making wipes more appealing to kids, maybe Procter & Gamble should work on a witty, urbane wiping mascot that speaks to our generation. They could call them "Buttlers" to bring in the frat boy demographic or "Asstastics" to appeal to urbanites.


Craig Pelz said...

I assume this is the very Marty who once enchanted the great halls of the Viking. Well done.
I should point out that, in fact, I am one of the marketing "tour de forces" behind P&G. Not Kandoos just yet, but many of their other products. Though the system is quite mind-boggling, they do have one and it works remarkably well.
Even the ass-whipe frog.

Bob Jingle said...

Is Pelz calling you Marty? Who's Marty?

My mother-in-law wrote a letter to the toilet paper company that has the cartoon bears wiping their ass commercials (is that P&G?) complaining that they should take it off the air. She shouldn't be forced to watch bears defecating while eating dinner should she? Apparently, she should. According to your "system" everyone should envision animals wiping their anus with a cloth product.

MostlyModest said...

Given what they say about bears and the woods, the animal choice makes
a lot of sense. Or at least moreso than the happy-go-crappy frog.

Pelz - I demand an explanation!