Friday, August 05, 2005

Pippi Hotstockings

Pippi Hotstockings
The original Girl Gone Wild

What I've been watching/reading/hearing this week:
  • has a new Most Interesting feature, updated daily, based on what gets the most hits, comments, links, etc. Some really incredible photography, like this, this, and this, that makes me wish I knew what to do with my life camera.
  • Guess-the-Google (via Bob Jingle) - A montage from Google Image Search appears and you guess the search term. Harder than you might think.
  • Ben Folds rocked Brooklyn to its hipster core last night. The fact that guys like him can sell out concerts without radio or MTV airplay redeems my faith in humanity. And as a marketing guy by day, it shows the power of the Internet to let artists bypass the mass media filters and connect directly with their fans. Without being on his email list, I would never know that he had new albums or was performing in the area.
  • My friend Ian spent at least part of Wednesday eating two donuts. At said concert Thursday night, he gets two girls' phone numbers. We could all learn a lot from Ian.


Ian Savage said...

I'll keep you posted on the progress of said phone numbers. :)

We might be on to something

donuts = chic's phone numbers

Ian Savage said...

I'll comment on my own comment.

Called the ladies, and no return call after 3 days.

Now what?!

MostlyModest said...

I am no expert on these things, but your one option is clear: double the donut intake.

Bob Jingle said...

More Dance Dance Revolution is needed as well.